Make Badges, Magnets, Key Rings, and Necklaces with my ‘button’ machine, using my large selection of material ‘cut outs’ or your own art work.


Create your own beautiful bracelets using my selection of beads, sparkly spacers, metal and enamel charms, and more.

I can either do a package deal or price the party on a customised basis depending on the number of people coming. I can also combine the types of parties so that the children can make both badges and bracelets - as an example I have done a number of parties where the children have made a badge, key-ring and bracelet each, and the charge is $200HK per child.


Badge Making Parties


Please feel free to discuss your party requirements with me - at


Goodie bags – You or your child can design and make items for the party goodie bags; or I can provide them according to your specifications. The photo above shows a commission for a Pet Party!!



Package or Individual prices for badges at the markets are as follows:


Badges: $80 for 3

1 Badge, 1 Magnet and 1 Key Ring or Necklace for $95

3 Key Rings/Necklaces/Magnets or a mix for $120


Badges $30, Magnets $38, Key rings/Necklaces $45 EACH

Please Contact me at to discuss your party needs.


Bracelet Making Parties



I have a very large selection of lovely acrylic, resin and metal beads and spacers for children, including many adorable themed charms in metal and enamel. With each bracelet made your child can select 3 charms. I can do a package deal or work on a customised basis for your party needs.

Please feel free to contact me at to discuss your party requirements.



Themed bracelets

I can make bracelets to fit any occasion or party! The photo above shows a commission to celebrate a dance performance.

Teenagers and Adults

For the teens and adults I have beads designed to appeal to adult tastes such as semi precious stones, sparkly spacers, crystals, art glass beads, pearls and more available. I can also do evening parties and get-togethers such as wine evenings and hen nights!  Depending on the material used the price will vary -  you decide what sort of gems or beads you prefer and I can set a price bracket for you. Contact me at to discuss!